I am an avid learner, and always looking for books, journals and films to consume that will help my museum practice. Here, I will build a bibliography of museology books and documentaries that I've read and reviewed on the main blog.

If there is no review linked, it's on my "to read" shelf and I hope to review it eventually. Do know of something you think I should review? Let me know.


Alexander, Edward P. Museum Masters: Their Museums and Their Influence. [review] [amazon]

Cate, Weston A. Up & Doing: The Vermont Historical Society, 1838-1970. [review] [amazon]

Civilizing the Museum: The Collected Writings of Elaine Heumann Gurian. [review] [amazon]

Drucker, Peter. Managing the Nonprofit Organization. [review] [amazon]

Hoving, Thomas. False Impressions: The Hunt for Big-Time Art Fakes. [review] [amazon]

--. Master Pieces: The Curator's Game. [review] [amazon]

McLean, Kathleen and Wendy Pollock. The Convivial Museum. [review] [amazon]

O'Neill, Paul. The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture. [review] [amazon]

Serrell, Beverly. Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach. [review] [amazon]

Simon, Nina. The Participatory Museum. [review] [amazon]

Vowell, Sarah. Assassination Vacation. [review] [amazon]

--. The Wordy Shipmates. [review] [amazon]

Journals & Misc. Articles

Connelly, Martin. "The Private Lives of Cryptozoologists." The Morning News. [talkback] [link]

Journal of Museum Education. Museum Education Roundtable. [reviews] [main page]

Manteuffel, Rachel. "The Things They Leave Behind." Washingtonian. [talkback] [link]

Museological Review. University of Leicester. [reviews] [main page]


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