Thursday, July 4, 2013

Weekly Blog Roundup

Happy Independence Day! Here's a few interesting blog posts from the museum world this week.

The Empathetic Museum - Museum Commons

There have been a few posts floating around about the idea of an "empathetic" museum lately, and I like this one the best. It's a good, thoughtful consideration of how museums can be more responsive emotionally, and not just intellectually.

Swaps, Residencies, and Sabbaticals, Part Two - Thinking About Museums

Ed Rodley has been considering some interesting possibilities for professional development recently, and in this post (and the post previous) considers the logistics and possibilities of swapping staff between museums as a form of professional development. I'm intrigued, though the thought of leaving my work undone for 6 weeks is enough to give me the shivers. I'd love to see some examples of small institutions, where only one person does a job, or multiple jobs, where this works.

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