Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are a few interesting posts from the museum blogosphere this week.

(Does anyone say blogosphere anymore, or am I hopelessly behind the times?)

What MOOCs and Webinars Can Teach Us About Digital Engagement - The Museum of the Future

I am as yet unsold on MOOCs - I have tried, and failed, to participate in four Coursera classes so far due to a combination of lack of engagement and lack of time - but I still see the glimmers of possibility in them. If museums are really going to put their mark on the lifelong learning environment, this is the way to go, if only to make sure they are staying relevant in the conversation. Jasper Visser has some good pointers and insights about using digital technology to foster mass learning experiences.

Insta-Memory: Dismantling the Boston Marathon bombing memorial - History @ Work

The question of handling the Boston Marathon bombing memorial that sprung up in Copley Square in the days after April 15 has been an ongoing and fascinating one. Rainey Tisdale has blogged eloquently about the memorial in progress here and here, and the New England Museum Association is working with the city of Boston and other cultural organizations to collect and preserve the items at the memorial. Northeastern University is spearheading a fascinating online project documenting the Marathon bombing as well. This is likely to be a difficult question for Boston's museum and public history professionals to consider for some time to come. In this post, John Matthew Barlow does a nice job of pondering the intrinsic nature of a memorial, and expanding those ideas outward to the healing process of the entire city of Boston.

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