Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are a few interesting posts from the museum blogging world recently.

Striking a Balance: Conference Planning and Environmental Responsibility from History@Work

I live in Vermont, green capital of the country, and environmental concerns are something I live and breathe every day, but I am grappling a bit with all the ideas presented here. I think asking attendees to purchase carbon credits to offset the conference is a bit much - and does it really eat up that much energy to hold a conference? How can you calculate or prove that? A better idea: asking attendees to implement one green idea at their museum and bring the evidence of that to the conference to talk about. That said, this is still an interesting post in a series of them, and at least brings the issue up for debate!

A Campaign to Make History Relevant to All Americans from Engaging Places

Love the campaign, love the people involved, love what's being discussed so far. A small quibble: history is already relevant to Americans. They just need to better understand that.

Our History Museums Will Include the Events of These Days from The Uncataloged Museum

This is amazing. Linda interviews staff at a Ukrainian museum who are actively participating in and supporting recent protests in Kyiv. I am not nearly that brave, and I find their work inspiring.

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