Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year!

Happy New Year!

Like so many before me, I am making a New Year's resolution to blog more frequently.

I've been blogging up a storm on my horse blog, but this blog needs love too.

To that end, I'll be writing a series of Vermont history essays for Geek Mountain State on a regular basis.

I'll also be committing more fully to writing reviews, reflections, and other pieces here at this blog.

Are there any topics of interest to readers?

On my short list: open authority v. collaboration, whether museum educators should also be social workers, admission fees & financial models, grant funding in a time of crisis, what are "basic needs" in a post-recession world, what grad schools really teach us, and why you probably shouldn't work in museums.

On my short list of books to read and review:

Creativity in Museum Practice
Civilizing the Museum
A Life in Museums: Managing Your Museum Career
A Primer for Local Historical Societies
Adult Museum Programs

Any other suggestions?

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