Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here's a collection of interesting blogs from around the museum world.

Getting a job as an interpreter at an historic site: what to include and why from The History List

This is a well-compiled list of essential skills for frontline interpreters. Some of them aren't exactly emphasized in the more intellectual circles of museum studies programs. Using a register and handling cash is a big one - I'm always amazed at people who have never held a single cashier job and are baffled by registers. Handling money is a core job skill, and it will help you out in life above and beyond your professional career.

Financial Management at America's Billion Dollar Museums from Engaging Places

This is a really terrific overview of revenue, assets, and deficits at some of the biggest museums in America. Max lays things out in straightforward charts, delves into the reasons why some museums are out further ahead than others, and - my favorite - looks at the funding mix for these museums to see whether there's any one good model. (Spoiler alert: there isn't, but it's still fascinating to see the data.)

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