Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are a few interesting blog posts from the museum/nonprofit world.

Piece by Piece at the NMSC Archaeology Blog

NMSC stands for Northeastern Museum Services Center - the home base for collections care for the northeast region of the National Park Service. They have a seriously cool archaeology lab/center in the shipyard in Charlestown, MA, just a few short steps from the Constitution. I had the opportunity to do a behind-the-scenes tour there about a year ago and it was one of the highlights of my professional development experiences so far.

I love this blog both for its actual informational content and for how it shows some of the nuts and bolts of museum work, in this case piecing together china and pottery shards, for the public. It's well-written and engaging without talking down, and I think more museum-sponsored blogs could emulate this style.

On "Drinking About Museums" at Thinking About Museums

The Boston "Drinking About Museum" events were some of the quirkiest, most engaging professional development/networking events I've ever been to, and I wish in retrospect I'd gone to more. I met great people, learned interesting things, and having regular professional conversations such as were fostered at these events was a blessing. Ed Rodley (formerly of the Museum of Science, now of the Peabody Essex Museum) organizes them, and in this post, does a great job of laying out how to set them up. This is a good primer for any professional networking event.

Ottawa Labor History Walking Tour at History@Work

This is a good review of a public history event in Ottawa, which recently hosted the National Conference on Public History's Annual Meeting. Labor history is so often overlooked, and so tricky to really explore in a traditional exhibition or museum space. I really like the idea of doing it as a walking tour, and this is a good, thoughtful review of a walking tour.

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