Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are some interesting posts from the museum blog world this past week.

I have a disaster plan. Now what? from the Small Museums Online Community

I have a secret obsession with disaster plans, both institutional and personal. I like to be prepared for everything. My programs have backup plans for their backup plans. This is a good post that takes that next step: once you've made the plan, how can you seek out the expertise to put things into action? It's especially timely as the post author is from Oklahoma; though no cultural institutions were badly damaged in the recent tornado hits, it's a very real possibility going forward in what promises to be a terrible season.

The Power of Story (via Data, Collections & Social Media) from Museum Minute

Another great AAM roundup, this time organized around the theme of the conference itself. Jamie's takeaway is about sharing - data, collections, and time (via social media and other connections to visitors). It's a message I wholeheartedly believe in, and it's the wave of the future for museums. Unless we open our doors and invite active participation, we're done for.

Your Summer Intern Is Here. Now What? from the Harvard Business Review Blog Network

These are all common sense suggestions, but they're so often overlooked. I LOVE them. I've been an intern and I've supervised interns, and if these suggestions were followed the experience would be exponentially better for everyone involved. I particularly like the emphasis on mentoring.

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