Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tufts Museum Studies

Last night, I attended the orientation for incoming Tufts University Museum Studies students. I graduated from the program with an MA in History & Museum Studies in May 2012, and have been very involved in promoting it pretty much from day 1. I edit (for a little while longer, anyway) the Tufts Museum Studies blog, have spoken at past info sessions about the program, and last night got the chance to introduce myself to a small group of incoming students as a mentor. I also recently authored the Tufts University overview post on the AAM Emerging Museum Professionals blog.

It's an interesting feeling, being "senior" enough to be considered a mentor, but I really enjoyed interacting with the incoming students. Tufts always gets a great mix of enthusiastic just-out-of-college young people as well as midlife career changers. The mix adds a lot to the program.

I also enjoyed connecting with recent graduates that I was in classes with but haven't touched base with in some time. Some are doing utterly fabulous things in their new institutions, and others have moved on to exciting graduate programs in disciplines like historic preservation, which dovetail nicely with a museum studies certificate. I know networking is often used as a dirty word, but I love it. Museum people are my kind of people, and any excuse to spend more time with them is a welcome one for me!

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